With Intent to Destroy Reflecting On Genocide


Defining and interpreting Genocide in relation to Germany, Australia and South Africa.


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Book Description: ‘As heirs of the Enlightenment, we in the West tend to view ourselves as humane, rational and reasonable. Genocides are atrocities that others commit, so revealing their backwardness and essential otherness.’ Colin Tatz’s study of genocide exposes this Enlightenment-based self-image as dangerous complacency, especially in its examination of colonial genocides (what we , in Australia for example, got up to not so long ago) and the Holocaust (what some of us did within the lifetimes of many of us). Tatz provides a personal yet analytical and critical account of racism and Antisemitism, and the termini to which such policies and practices have led in Germany, Turkey, South Africa and Australia. In so doing, he reveals how widespread is the (genocidal) propensity to resort to biological solutions to resolve social or political problems . In addition, he raises general questions on the matter of denial, asking why, rather than what, denialists deny and concludes with his reflections on many years of teaching about genocide. Published by Verso; 2003. Hardback. 224 pages.  ISBN 1859845509.

Review: “This is an exciting and important book by Colin Tatz, a truth teller and bearer of much of the conscience of his adopted country. In releasing the intellectual and moral logjam around the issue of genocide, he makes vital links that may be unpalatable to some but are accurate and typically honest.”—John Pilger


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