Rule of Law

An historical novel set during the first Nuremberg Trial.

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Blackheath, N.S.W. Brandl and Schlesinger, 2016. Softcover. New. First Edition. Rule of Law follows four people through the first Nuremberg trial in 1945-46: Hans Fritzsche, a top Nazi top propagandist; Katerina Thornton, a German woman working as a simultaneous interpreter; Richard Sonnenfeldt, a young, spirited German Jew working with the American prosecution; and Sir Norman Birkett, a judge of the British High Court who arrives in Nuremberg as the alternate British judge on the tribunal. As the graphic horrors of Nazi war crimes are exposed, the world’s attention is held through newsreels, and press and radio reports. The war-damaged, polyglot ‘trial community’ are thrown together in this small, bombed-out city as the media circus grows. So much can go wrong, and so much could be lost.