The Holocaust in Film and Document (Venue - The Caboolture Hub)


This course comprises the viewing and examination of a select number of films and documents that take the participant on a chronological and thematic journey through the history of the Holocaust. 

We will attempt to answer the historical why and how questions of the Holocaust. Why the Jews? Why Germany and Germans? Why in the 1930s-40s? How did the Holocaust happen? This is not a film appreciation course.

We will attempt to answer the questions above by exploring, chronologically, what are considered by leading Historians, the key building blocks leading up to and throughout the period. We will explore these components through the viewing and examination of over 40 carefully selected films and documents.

You will view an array of scarce Nazi era footage, film evidence submitted as part of the Australian War Crimes Trials held in the 1990s as well as contextual documentaries. The source documents, including one of ‘the’ Schindler's Lists, Nazi newspapers and books and witness testimony, are drawn from various archives located in Europe and the United States. In most cases a copy of the original document and an English translation will be provided to you.

The material is devastating and the course is intended for a mature audience. A knowledge of languages other than English is not required. 

The course is open to all persons willing to respect that every participant in the class is entitled to view the films without disruption. If you cannot remain quiet until the films are complete, do not attend this course.

Due to the nature of the content explored, persons under the age of 16 years will not be admitted.

The course will be led by Dr Darren O'Brien, author of The Pinnacle of Hatred the Blood Libel and the Jews.

The course will run over 10 weeks (20.5hrs in total) each Friday night from 6.00pm - 8.00pm.

Venue: The Caboolture Hub, Haskings Street, Caboolture, (a 2 minute walk from Caboolture train station).

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